4th grade narrative essays

Toaster Oven Story

By Gabriela

Every break from school, my family goes to Boston to visit my grandmother and cousins. The morning we were leaving, me, my mom , and my dad went downstairs to the living room with suitcases. 

My dad asked, “Do you want anything to eat for breakfast?” 

I said, “Sure, can I have a bagel?” 

He said, “Yeah, I think we have some bagels. If not I can make you some toast.”

My mom and I went to get some more suitcases from upstairs. When I came downstairs, dad said the bagel was ready. He brought it to me on the couch. From the couch, I noticed the grate was out of the toaster and on the floor. I thought my dad didn’t notice it because he misses things sometimes. I went over there and stepped on it with my bare foot because I wanted to see how hot it was because I didn’t know if it just came out of the toaster oven. 

I screamed so loud, “OUCH!!!!” I think the neighbors heard. It felt like stepping on a hornets’ nest. Imagine, you’re in a park and you are wearing a flowy dress and there is an underground hornets’ nest. It goes up your dress and stings you all over your stomach and arms. The pain stays in for super duper long, especially hornets. That’s what it felt like. Mom and dad rushed to me and asked what happened.

“What did you hurt?”  my mother asked. I pointed to my foot.  My parents ran to the freezer and got me some peas.

  I put some yogurt on my foot and medical tape then we left on the road.  Once we got to my mom’s college friend’s house we had to settle in.  I had to crawl everywhere and when we went out my dad had to carry me on his shoulders everywhere. Two days later my foot was healed wen I took of the tape and there were lined scars on my foot.and we were on the road again. after hours in the car we finally got to my grandmas apartment building. I was so happy to get out of the car my grandma helped us carry in our bags then we went inside.       

The end