4th grade narrative essays

The Worst 4 Days of My Life

By Leah

It was a normal day and I just woke up. I did what I always do get dressed, eat breakfast, and go to camp. When I got to camp I talked to my friends. “Hey guys” I said Leah said “Hey Leah, are you ready for the trip?”   

“I’m super ready!!!” Sydnie said. 

After we got ready for the trip the camp teacher called our names to see if we’re all here. 

“Is everybody here?” she asked. We didn’t say anything until she called our names. 

“Nelly?” she said.

“Here ma’am.” 


“Here, teach-” 



“Leah. H?” 

She didn’t answer, but she just raised her hand high enough so that the teacher could see. “Alright, Leah. M?” 



“Ugh, here.”  Then she mumbled 

“I wish I wasn’t though” and rolled her eyes 

“Okay guys, let’s get on the bus before we’re late to the fair.” 

Me, Leah, Sydnie went to sit at the back because there were three seat all the way in the back. At the fair we got to some of the rides. Then Leah said 

Let’s go on this ride!” 

I thought it was pretty small but let me tell you it was HUGE.

 “Okay,” I said. We got in line with my other friend, Nelly. I sat next to Leah. When the ride started it was okay nice and steady until the ride started. I screamed, “OMG!!” all the way until the ride stopped. That night I went home had dinner but when it came time to go to bed it was really hard for me. The next day I was happy we went on a trip, but we went to the pool this time. In camp we had swimming lessons that I signed up for because to be honest I wasn’t the best swimmer. But that left me less time to play with my friends. A few minutes later it was time for me to go to the side for swimming lesson. We were at five feet and when it was time for my to practice my dives I dove in the water I swam a little until I got further down the pool and then I started to sink  I had to peddle myself up and breathed for air but then I noticed that… I started to drown! The more I paddled the deeper I got. Soon later I fainted then that’s when the life guard picked me up and brought me to the shore. When I woke up it was time to go back to camp. So I put my clothes back on and then went back in the bus. When my mom picked me up I told her the WHOLE thing she signed me off of the lessons and had a long talk with the guard. The next day in the morning I had trouble breathing. Then it got bad I found myself having a REALLY HARD time breathing so my mom took me to the ER when we got there, there was no room to park so my mom had to walk me all the way there that’s when I found out I had an Asma attack and another thing I forgot what it was called. The next day it was the first day of school you might think what’s so bad about that? WELL ILL TELL YOU when I was there at recess Lizzy started to talk about last year 

“Guys listen to this!! I asked Lizzy to help me with my book at the place where we go for Christmas and do you know what she said?” we all where interested so we said. 



She got annoyed so no one said anything until Jessy said, “Wow what a jerk!!” That’s when I got super mad. I stood up and I said real stern 


Then she said, “I TAPPED HER” I didn’t know what to say but then I said, 


“You’re 10, I’m 9. I’m taller, you’re short. I’m strong you’re, weak. I bet she could now feel you with your weak little small little bully body!” As soon as I said that I knew I shouldn’t have. After that Lizzy and Jessy went to wash their hands, while me and Dina went to put our lunch boxes on our desk and wash our hands. then  I was walking to the bathroom with Dina I burst out crying because I didn’t know what to do with my emotions so I let them take the best of me the teacher came over and asked me what’s wrong so Lizzy, Jessy, and I talked to the teacher and settle thing those peeps are still in this school can you guess who? Thanks for listening!!!