4th grade narrative essays

The Trampoline Fall

By Johnpaul



One bright beautiful sweltering day during the summer I was playing with my cousin on the trampoline that was at my grandma’s house. Then we went and took a break, because jumping is a real work out. Then we came back out and played some more. We played basketball and did really cool tricks too. After that as we were climbing off the trampoline I slid and fell right on the hard grassy grown on my back. I was in horrible pain it felt like this horrible pain in the middle of my back. My cousin tried to help me up but I could not get up. I was laying there on the grown in pain. After a while my cousin helped me get up and we went inside. I lied down. After I got up I still felt a sharp horrible pain in the middle of my back. Sadly, I could not sleep on my back I could not put pressure on my back and I could not do anything on my back. After a couple weeks my back felt better again.  I learned I need to be more careful when getting off the trampoline.