4th grade narrative essays

Lost in the Woods

By Caroline

One day when there were only a few minutes left of Girl Scouts, our leader said “Do you guys want to go to the vines?” Cami and Scarlet exclaimed “Yes!” I had never been to the vines. Since I don’t know where I was going I followed Cami and Scarlet to help. When we started walking. They knew where they were going. We were walking into the grass. Everybody was talking super loud. “Do you guys know where we are going?” I asked. “Of course, I do!” Scarlet replied. We all looked up at the trees towering over us. Everyone was super excited! I was so excited to swing on vines. We all went down the steep hill dashing as we heard leaves crunching. We jumped on rocks to get across the water. They were everywhere.


We heard water rushing down the stream. Everybody was talking. “Ill wait for you guys!” I said when my friends were falling behind trying to get up a steep hill. “Thank you.” Ryder replied. We kept on walking up and down hills.  When we weren’t that far out. Tara looked down and saw an animal bone. She bent down to grab it “Don’t grab it!” said Maura. She grabbed it “Eww!” everyone yelled. Tara laughed. We all crack up having a good time. We heard leaves crackling under our feet, step by step as we looked at many things.  I saw everyone frozen, staring.  “What are you guys looking at?” They kept staring. Scarlet and Piper said “A baby deer, all alone.” I frowned. I walked over to take a look. I hope it was ok. “Let’s keep walking,” said Ryder. So, our journey continued. A minute later Cami thought she saw, the vines. We all ran over, it wasn’t the vines! We saw an opening into a neighborhood. We all ran over. Me and Cami said we should go back because it wasn’t our neighborhood. Then everybody started to fight. I yelled “Everybody stop fighting, we are Girl Scouts.” Then they all froze. “We should walk in the neighborhood.” Piper said.  “I don’t think we should because we are already lost. Let’s follow the water home.” Piper disagreed and walked into the neighborhood. We all followed.


Everybody started fight. Except me and Cami. When everyone stopped fighting, we all walked. My ankle was aching. We had walked a lot. We walked up on sidewalk and walked up a hill. We found a house that we walked up to. “We should knock on the door.” I said. “It seems dangerous,” Ryder and Piper said. I sat down. I was breathing really hard. My eyes were tear up. I was nervous. Everybody said to me “You’ll be ok Caroline.” I smiled. I wiped my tears. “Can we please knock on someone’s door?” Tara agreed with me. We walked up to many houses. No one would answer the door. We all are talking. I see a house and start running. Everyone was following me. My face was all red and tears started to form in my eyes. We ring the doorbell. Someone answered! I felt relieved. We all said “We are lost, can you help us?” We asked the stranger. She said “Of course I can!” We all jump in joy. She told us the directions to get home. We all said “Can you draw us a map?” She said “Of course I can!” She comes back with the map. I walk up to her and grab the map. We take off walking. We were so excited to find our way back. I start to calm down a lot. We go right and left. Up and down lots of hills. We had a lot of fun walking there.


We see a car driving to us. My heart was beating fast. The car stopped and I got super confused and didn’t know what to do. The guy in the car opened the window. It was Scarlets dad! “Dad how did you find us?” Scarlet asked. “I don’t really know.” He said. We all hop in the car. I hoped in the trunk with three other people.  We all talk. It was hard to hear lots of people. Scarlet’s Dad drove super quick in the car.  We all start laughing.  The car stops. We all hop out of the car and see our leaders and a few parents. Our leader said “Could you guys hear us yelling?” We all replied “No” The leader exclaims “I’m very proud you all stayed together. Just like the lesson.” Our parents all come and picked us up. Every time I talked about that crazy adventure I would always remember our lesson.