4th grade narrative essays

How I Almost Got Hit by a Car

by, Blake


It was a hot sunny day in the summer. My friends and I were riding our scooters doing laps around the third court where I live. The third court has a long deep hill. My friends are use to going down that hill at a fast speed, but this was my first time trying it. Bryan, one of my friends yelled “Blake watch out for the hill and that car”. I saw the car coming, but my scooter starting picking up speed. I tried to stop and avoid the car by putting on brakes, but my scooter was going so fast that I was unable to stop and I lost control. The scooter finally stopped and flipped me over and landed on the side of me. The car had to stop. My friends ran over to help me stand up and get my scooter out of the street. When I got up and started walking home my right side scarred and my arm was bleeding. The pain on my side was so sharp that I was limping. I didn’t want my friends to see me cry. When we got to my house, my mother opened the door and I began to cry and show her my side and arm. My mother took me upstairs to clean my arm and side with alcohol. She put coco butter, Neosporin, and a Band-Aid on the scars. It was hard for me to sleep that night because the pain was extreme. All night, I was dreaming that the pain would be gone when I woke up, so I can go outside and ride my scooter. The pain lasted for a week and then I was able to ride my scooter again.