Your Story Matters

Meet the author

CHRISTINA SOARES HEFFNER is a Montessori-trained teacher, program director, and curriculum developer who is passionate about igniting student voice. She began teaching in 2003, in elementary and adolescent Montessori communities. In 2008, she was a part of the inaugural faculty for Baltimore’s first public Montessori school. She later started the adolescent program at the school, developed the curriculum, and wrote the charter for approval from the city. In 2014, Christina joined Greenspring Montessori School as program director and lead instructor for the adolescent community. She reimagined the language curriculum and later co-wrote the curriculum for the addition of 9th grade. Christina also had the privilege of teaching at the Sekolah Montessori Kiara Karitas school in Indonesia, where she also wrote English-language curriculum and trained elementary instructors. 

Christina is also the owner of Falls Road Aikido and is the director of the Baltimore Kids Chess League.