4th grade narrative essays

The Game

by, Emmalina

One time I went to the carnival on a hot sunny day with my friend Kate. You know the ring toss games? The one where you have to get the ring on the bottle?…  READ MORE

How I Almost Got Hit by a Car

by, Blake

It was a hot sunny day in the summer. My friends and I were riding our scooters doing laps around the third court where I live… READ MORE    

How I scraped by elbow by riding a Flicker

by, Akimi

I went to a park with my mom and my friend Ian was going to be there to, we were going to ride our scooters around the park…    READ MORE                   

Lost in the Woods

by, Caroline

One day when there were only a few minutes left of Girl Scouts, our leader said “Do you guys want to go to the vines?” Cami and Scarlet exclaimed “Yes!” I had never been to the vines…  READ MORE

Toaster Oven Story

by, Gabriela

Every break from school, my family goes to Boston to visit my grandmother and cousins. The morning we were leaving, me, my mom , and my dad went downstairs to the living room with… READ MORE

The Trampoline Fall

by, Johnpaul

One bright beautiful sweltering day during the summer I was playing with my cousin on the trampoline that was at my grandma’s house. Then we went and took a break, because jumping is a real work out.  READ MORE

The Worst 4 Days of My Life

by, Leah

It was a normal day and I just woke up. I did what I always do get dressed, eat breakfast, and go to camp. When I got to camp I talked to my friends. “Hey guys” I said Leah said “Hey Leah…  READ MORE